HI Deb and Judy,

Two years ago I adopted a 7month old BC female. She had been neglected and roughly taken care of. She is a soft and sensative girl. Our agility training was coming along quite well when she got close to her 2yr old mark, a period I believe many dogs go through a Phase.. Bree went through a shutdown phase. At the same time she unfortunately got attacked in her agility class. This was the start of losing all we had worked for and I now had one very worried dog. WE attended your seminar as a working team at my club March of 2006 at the advice of a good friend and instructor Judy Kolva. You first mentioned that there was a lot of dog in Bree to come out and then you got to see the shutdown worried dog when someone dropped the gates right behind her. You suggested we no longer train in a class enviroment as Bree seems very sensative and worried about the dogs/handlers around her. You gave us many tips, motivational sequences and focus tricks to work on.

So.. work with them we did! Bree went into serious IN Focus training.

We worked with your need for speed circle 5 days a week. I played the Focus games 5 days a week. I also used your advice to help Bree overcome her absolute fear of the teeter. She trains on that 5 days a week. We take periodical private lessons to expand on our training. You also taught ME.. how to work with her and help her feel more confident and secure. We trained this way for 2 months and at your advice we made our AKC debut in JWW preferred. She took a 1st place with a clean run. WE trained some more variating your speed circle and on her second AKC run we again took a 1st place. She has since ran in Udsaa in all classes except for standard. She Q'd and placed in all of them. She just completed her AKC JWWWP title. As one onlooker said, Bree has found her job and loves it.. She is focused, CONFIDENT! and now increasing her speed!!! She knows the game now and is ready to play. We still train 5 days a week and now are working on increasing her jump height to 20". I am using the same motivational work I started out with 6 months ago to help her in her transition to a higher jump. So far she hasnt noticed the change. Also, Bree is just 2 inches short of full height on the teeter and she is much happier and confident when she is on it.. I truly believe that to obtain this kind of success and to overcome any issues you have in your training... You MUST train consistantly and often. There is no quick fix.. Bree and I are proof that the In Focus system works!

Thanks so much
Ann and Bree in Pa

Thank you again for a wonderful seminar, all week long I have been getting the best feedback you could imagine. From both the people who worked dogs as well as those who audited. Yes, I would call it very successful indeed!

We did some speed circles yesterday and boy did it make him very happy indeed! I tried not to correct and keep going. I have had to do so much of that to Nell, my crying for control dog that it is very difficult to change this behavior in me.

Thank you for the slingshot start and lateral lead out. I found he likes it much more and is faster and happier at the start line. In fact he was so fast yesterday I was unable to get in the front cross the instructor wanted after the second jump (I got in a blind).

I am a better teacher because of your seminar and for that I am forever thankful!


Deb, Judy,

I am writing so that I can share something great with you. I attended your seminar at Barb Levenson's in February and I thought that it was great. It reaffirmed that what I was doing with my 'Dog that is having too much fun' was the way to go. I decided that this was a program that our club members would benefit from also. So, I scheduled a class session (5 wks) and sent out a flyer. The class was for 8 students registered. But, I had 15 responses and couldn't turn anyone away. We had a combination of lecture/questions, and exercises. It was a clicker only class (This was new for a lot of students.). It also required bringing a crate to class (also new for folks). I brought my boxes of kids toys (I had the high drive lab), and had 5 students each week take a toy home to work with their clicker skills. They then demonstrated what they achieved the next week. They had a blast. Everyone accomplished in at least getting their dog to interact with the toy. They also did the 101 things to do with a box. The student mixture included:

A high drive bc that had no relationship with her owner
A fairly high drive Aussie with no relationship with his owner
A very young couple with 2 yorkie/maltese crosses (they crated their dogs together in the same crate)
A fairly high drive sheltie
A fairly soft bc
A border terrier from the breed ring
A fear aggressive GSD
2 very shy shelties
2 high drive corgi's
A young intact dalmation
A young collie
A staghound

By the end of the session, all noticed a difference, all were willing going into their crates and waiting to be released, the GSD owner could heel his dog thru a crowd of dogs doing some of the exercises (he called it controlled chaos) without a reaction, the soft bc did the wait in the herding ring even while focused on the sheep, the high drive sheltie and same bc would not leave their owners when being lured by a cookie. The yorkie/maltese x's learned not to be focused on each other, but to their respective handlers. The dalmation owner said that this has made her see training as a fun thing, the collie owner learned how to use clicker training to her advantage. The corgi owners were getting their dogs to not pull on lead. The staghound learned how to enjoy the exercises. The aussie owner started to see a relationship between her and her dog starting. One of the shy/worried shelties learned to work with all the noise. The breed ring border terrier owner had a break thru learning to use the clicker (she took obed. lessions from an old school trainer).

The best thing that was mentioned was by the yorkie/maltese owner (his wife couldn't make it to the last class). He said that before coming to class he would call his dog and the dog would run off. After only 4 weeks of class, the dog came back when called. He gave it a biiiiig jackpot!!!!!!

I train at a private facility and we started offering In Focus as a pre-agility class. There was so much interest 2 more sections had to be added!!!!!

Sorry to ramble on so much, but I hope you see what your program is doing for others.

Chris, Stoli and Gryphon

"I want to extend a HUGE thank you to Deb Jones and Judy Keller. They presented their In Focus Seminar at my facility this past weekend and it was a tremendous success. Everyone, beginners as well as advanced handlers got a lot of work and learned even more. There were answers available for dogs "not having enough fun" and those "having too much fun" in agility. Deb and Judy gave everyone new ideas to take home. Even one auditor with little experience in agility wrote "I attended an Ian Dunbar seminar in Orlando, Florida at Disneyworld, and I must tell you I got more from the seminar,... in half a day, than the 3 days in Orlando." If you're looking for a great seminar for your students or your club, I suggest you contact them."

Barb Levenson

"When Courteous Canine, Inc. booked Deb Jones for a seminar that seminar filled faster than any other seminar we had ever hosted. The seminar was fun and informative and every single person attending was pleased with what they learned. Deb Jones rocks! He knowledge of behavior, clicker training, agility, and dogs themselves is a valuable resource to anyone interested in agility, any dog sport, or clicker training."

Angelica Steinker
Courteous Canine, Inc. Dog School

"I just suggested this seminar to our club member who sets up seminars.. If she doesn't arrange one, I will travel as needed to get to one. I have a papillon who doesn't have enough fun in agility. No one else but Deb has really understood this and I would get hands on experience with her and Judy.

I love the book and have been through it all at least once and several sections many times."

Kitty Irland, Lenox, MA
Nick and Simon, Papillons
Mackenzie, Sheltie

"I attended this seminar as a part-time auditor…
Deb and Judy together are a dynamic duo – the enthusiasm and candidness they showed throughout the weekend was amazing. Demonstration, explanation, imitation…Sabre (or Spirit) would demonstrate the exercise, Deb and Judy would explain what it was that they were doing and why, then it was the teams turn to work – sometimes everybody was working at the same time with Judy and Deb watching and helping. There was also an extensive segment during which each team worked individually with Deb and Judy providing immediately feedback.
By the end of the seminar it was amazing to see the difference in both the dogs and the attitudes of the handlers. This seminar made me realize that while I thought I was being consistent – I wasn’t. It also helped me to realize that agility isn’t just working your dog on the equipment or perfecting target exercises – it is about building a solid, consistant foundation of basics, while at the same time having a blast. I am definitely on the way to building a better relationship with my dogs!"


"We are definitely getting there! Ty has earned both of his open titles and is now in Excellent for everything. The wild child appeared for our first run of the week-end. I gave him a 2nd chance on the course and he just wasn't in control. So we walked off the course. He got the hint and had beautiful runs the rest of the week-end. The best was on Sunday. We were getting ready to go into the ring for our excellent standard run and his best friend Rhi (high drive Aussie) was running in front of us. Then Chris is practicing Gryphon (high drive, barky dog at the seminar) right behind us on the practice jump. I thought, oh we are in deep trouble. But I kept working on him focusing on me. He pulled into the ring a little, but settled into his sit very quickly. He had a beautiful run! Dropped a bar when I moved while he was over the jump, but just ran awesome. Gryphon was a big hurdle for us! Again, thanks so much for your seminar. I really feel like it has been just a god send to Ty and me! "

Judy Kolva and Ty

I have been getting such great feedback about the seminar. What keeps being said is how down to earth both you and Judy are. How the dogs are of importance first...not a green ribbon. No one was made to feel out of place because they had an unusual breed of dog, in fact they went away with the 'I can do it' attitude. I think it finally hit home to many that foundation is sooooooo important!!

Chris Danker, Albany Obedience Training Club

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