VERSATILITY PLUS!!!!! A Competition Obedience Game
Developed by Deborah Jones, Ph.D., 2002

Participants will be randomly (or not so randomly) divided into teams. Each team will work together to complete all of the required Versatility exercises. Exercises will be evaluated on accuracy, enthusiasm, creativity, and sportsmanship. All of the judge’s decisions are final! Each dog on the team must complete at least one of the exercises, but may complete more if desired. You will be given time to plan your strategy and practice before the competition.

1. Distance Delivery. You will spit or toss a treat at your dog and he must catch it. You may use any food you like. Furthest catch wins.

2. Circus Dog. For this exercise your dog must complete as many tricks as possible in one minute. Tricks cannot be repeated. You may not use food or toys during this exercise.

3. Catch Me! You will leave your dog on a sit/wait and walk halfway across the ring. As you ask your dog to heel you will start walking. The dog that gets into heel position fastest wins.

4. Stop & Drop. Several ‘marks’ will be placed on the floor. You will have your dog sit at one end of the ring and you will walk to the other. Call your dog and direct him to drop on the marks, one after the other. The dog that drops on the most marks wins.

5. Fetch This. A variety of retrieve objects will be placed in a hula hoop. You will stand in another hula hoop and ask your dog to retrieve as many objects as possible in 2 minutes.

6. Temptation Alley. You will sit your dog at one end of the ring, go to the other end, and call him. There will be a number of possible distractions placed on the floor between you and your dog. Fastest time wins.

7. Target Practice. Several targets will be placed across the ring. You will ask your dog to go touch them with his nose/paw.

8. Silent Partner. You will use only hand signals and body language to get your dog to stand stay, down, sit, recall, and finish. The successful handler who can do this from the furthest distance wins.

9. Reverse Finish. Start with your dog sitting in heel position. Ask him to move to front position. The straightest front wins.

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