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Come Join Us for Some Zen!

Once a year I offer an online class titled Zen Logic.  As of this publication there is still one Gold working spot left and I’d love to have you join us.  There’s plenty of room at Silver (gets limited video feedback & unlimited questions) & Bronze (auditors)...

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It”s Not Easy Being Zen

I try!  I really do try!  I want to be cool and calm and collected in the face of stress and adversity.  I know it’s better for my physical and mental well-being if I can find ways to maintain a more zen-like outlook on life.  So I’m definitely motivated.  I want to...

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Cookies! It’s Not Rocket Science

Actually, it’s behavioral science.  These days my main training technique is tossing cookies for my dogs.  Yeah, that doesn’t seem very fancy or sophisticated.  But it’s effective.  It’s not trendy.  I don’t even have any really cool terms for the main ways I toss...

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Is Your Dog Twitchy or Sticky?

When I work on foundation exercises with my dogs one of my goals is to balance out the desire to move with the ability to hold still.  In order to achieve my goal of training a well-rounded dog who can do many different things I need to be sure my dog is as...

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New Year New You?

As one year ends and another begins it’s time for people to reevaluate their lives.  Ouch!  That can certainly be painful.  For many, there’s an unrealistic sense of optimism that the coming new year will be so much better because they will change who they are and...

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Step AWAY from the Horse!

Before I was “into” dogs I was “into” horses.  “Into” means obsessed of course.  A bit of well-known and universally accepted advice is when (not if!) you fall off a horse you should immediately get back on.  The general idea is that you cannot let any time pass or...

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Why? It Might Not Matter

The older I get the more I realize that sometimes shit just happens.  Sure, there may be a series of events that leads to said shit happening, but those events may or may not make any sense and may or may not be within my control.   As humans it is natural that we...

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Theory Plus Application = Balance

I once worked with a professor who had a long and brilliant career in behavioral psychology.   He wrote textbooks and performed many published experiments.  He developed a highly respected graduate program.  His career was long and successful.  And he couldn’t train...

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