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Tweens & Teens

Well, Wizard’s puppyhood sure went by in a blur!  How is he over 6 months old now?  He’s now in that awkward ‘tween’ state where he’s not a baby puppy and he’s not a grown up boy.  He keeps cycling back and forth between them so fast it makes my head spin sometimes. ...

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Time to Take Your Pills!

When I was young, maybe around 5 or so, I had strep throat and needed to take penicillin for it.  Apparently I was not a cooperative subject.  So my mom ground it up and put it in my orange juice where it promptly sank to the bottom of the glass.  That last sip was a...

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What Happened to My Puppy?

Where did my sweet little baby puppy go?  In just a handful of months he’s morphed into a new and different creature.  He's a kangaroo/meerkat//velociraptor/tasmanian devil mix.  He’s all legs and teeth and curiosity and action.  His life approach is 'fuck around and...

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Help! I’m Drowning! 

Not literally, but I am being flooded.  As some of you may know I’ve been hospitalized and diagnosed with diabetes (a huge unpleasant surprise).  As I’m recovering from the original health crisis I’m facing an enormous amount of information and advice and instructions...

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Old Dog Immunity and Other Assorted Senior Dog Thoughts

For this week’s blog post I’m going to move from talking about puppies for a minute to consider the other end of the spectrum and talk about older dogs.  Zen is 14 years old today so he gets a post all about him!   We’ve always talked about old dog immunity.  That age...

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Deb’s Top 10 Puppy Life Hacks

Life with Wizard has been fun, frustrating, satisfying, and exhausting; pretty typical for living with an active puppy.  I work hard every day to meet his physical, social, cognitive, and emotional needs.  Some days I succeed better than others.  My benchmark for...

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Puppy Husbandry, Part 2

In last week’s blog post I talked about the first two steps that I established for cooperative care training (place conditioning & zen work).  Once I have strong responses to those then I can move to actually putting my hands on my puppy.  For grooming and...

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Puppy Husbandry Part 1

People often come to me and ask for help with a specific cooperative care type question.  Most commonly “My dog hates having his nails done.  What should I do?”  While this seems like a reasonable question it is actually much more complex than it appears to be. ...

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