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Keep Your Eyes on Your Own Dog

The dog training world is full of folks ready to criticize the work that others are doing.  They sit on the social media sidelines, rarely showing their own training, and yet feel quite justified in loudly sharing their views of the training that others show in...

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Cooperative Care in the Covid Era

It’s been over a year since social distancing became a common thing.  Little did we know how much Covid would impact our daily lives!  We were in ignorant bliss thinking it would all be over in a few weeks or a few months.  And yet here we are.  While there is true...

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John Locke was Wrong, and so was I

Have you ever been wrong about something?  Are you sometimes afraid to share your thoughts and ideas because you worry about being wrong?  Do you keep things to yourself because of concerns about being incorrect and looking foolish?   The only way to avoid being wrong...

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Cooperative Care: Lions and Tigers and Dogs, Oh My!

The Cooperative Care Certificate (CCC) is part of the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy's TEAM program even though it’s not a defined dog sport or recreational activity.  Cooperative Care refers to the day to day procedures and behaviors that are necessary for your dog’s...

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What Taxes Taught Me About Dog Training

Who likes doing taxes?  Some people must, but I truly don’t understand why.  For me, taxes are mental torture in a variety of very unpleasant ways.  There’s nothing about the process that makes sense to me.   I find it frustrating and confusing, unnecessarily...

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Time is an Illusion

Well crap, it’s that time again.  Spring forward!  Set your clocks ahead an hour.  Or as I always think of it “lose an hour’s sleep for no good reason”.   Yes, I do like it being light later in the evenings, but this twice a year switch seems unpopular with most...

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Focus on Focus

If you ask dog trainers about focus, most are likely to tell you that it is absolutely necessary for successful dog training.  And it’s true.  From there, however, things start to become much less clear.  When you start to drill down on what focus is and how to...

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Stop Sniffing!

Seems like dog trainers are talking an awful lot about sniffing lately.  One reason for this is that trainers have discovered just how important and valuable sniffing can be for the dog.  It serves some very important functions like increasing relaxation and...

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