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Theory Plus Application = Balance

I once worked with a professor who had a long and brilliant career in behavioral psychology.   He wrote textbooks and performed many published experiments.  He developed a highly respected graduate program.  His career was long and successful.  And he couldn’t train...

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Start Where You (and Your Dog) Can be Successful

Have you ever had a teacher who started a lesson “over your head?”  I did in statistics class in grad school; multiple regression analysis to be exact.  From the first moment I was lost.  At one point he had two slideshows going on separate walls in the classroom,...

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Zen Logic

Being zen has long been a goal of mine, both for myself and my dogs.  Calm, peaceful, relaxed, and self-controlled sounds nice doesn't it?  It seems like a worthy state of being to strive towards.  It's something to work on day after day.  Some days are definitely...

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When Your Heart Dog Dies

So honestly, this blog post is a piece of crap writing.  The more I try to salvage something from it the worse it gets.  What I want to say is not at all what is ending up on the page, and it’s frustrating as hell.  I’m tackling something that is too emotional and...

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