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Deb has LOTS of strong opinions, mainly about dog training, and this is where she shares them!

Less is More

In terms of training sessions less is definitely more.  Shorter sessions can lead to faster progress.  While this might seem counterintuitive it is definitely true. It’s the same as the difference between studying a few minutes here and there every day and waiting...

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Blurred Lines

Does your dog know the difference between play and training?  If so, then you are not doing it right!  They should be so inextricably combined that they are one and the same for your dog.   If training is serious business and play is fun and games then you are making...

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Why Can’t You Control Yourself?

How much self-control do you have when faced with temptations?  As a mature human adult you should have developed some measure of self-control by now, right?  You can make decisions that are in your best interest long term even when they conflict with your short term...

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Level Up Your Cooperative Care Training

Imagine taking your dog to a brand new veterinarian’s office.  Do you already feel a bit stressed and anxious?  Is your dog showing signs of nervousness and concern?  This was my day yesterday.  Star (12 year old female Border Collie) needed to go see a surgeon about...

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Something’s Missing: When Skills are Not Enough

About 30 years ago I got the first dog I ever trained to any great extent.  Katie was a rescued black lab who had been in 2 homes and was feral for about 6 months by the time she was 2 years old.  Amazingly, even with that really poor beginning she had an awesome...

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Focus & the Foot in the Door Effect

In social psychology there is a phenomenon referred to as the “foot in the door” effect.  It started  in the days of door to door salespeople and was literally descriptive.  In order to have any chance at making a sale you had to first get your foot in the door; often...

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What NOT to Say When Someone’s Pet Dies

It can be very hard to know what to say to someone who has lost a beloved companion animal.  Grief is a very sensitive topic to address and we often don’t know what an appropriate response to pet loss might be.  Even so, some common reactions and statements are simply...

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