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But He Does It Perfectly At Home!

If I had $1 for every time someone has said that to me I’d be living on my private island now.  And yes, I’ve said it too.  The thing is, I believe you.  I know it’s true.  Performing at home is entirely different from taking your training and behaviors out into the...

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Everything is Hard Right Now

I often feel that I have the curse of being a realist.  No rose colored glasses, rainbows, or unicorns for this girl (okay, maybe girl is a stretch).  I see reality all too clearly.  Or, if you want to get philosophical, I see my perception of reality all too...

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Bring it Here!

“Here!  Right here!  You have to bring it to me before I can throw it!”  Have you ever found yourself saying this to your dog?  Many dogs are all about chasing and possessing something, but not keen on bringing it back and giving it to you.   IMO, one of the most...

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Dog Trainer Guilt

I’m not doing enough!  I’m not doing it right!  My dog deserves a better trainer than me!  Do any of these sound familiar?  If so, you may be suffering with dog trainer guilt.  It’s ubiquitous, particularly among professional trainers.  We tend to hold ourselves to...

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The 5 Second Rule

For normal people the 5 second rule typically refers to how long food can be on the floor and still acceptable for human consumption.  As dog people we laugh.  First, our floors are likely covered with fur.  Second, we are not picky about ingesting some of it.  And...

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Step by Step by Step

The old joke goes “How do you eat an elephant?”  The answer is “One bite at a time!”  It’s funny because it’s unexpectedly true, even if that wasn’t the actual intent of the question.  So when I hear “How do I train my dog to let me do eye drops or cut nails or...

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You’re Breathing Wrong

I can do many things incorrectly.  It’s a gift really.  Find all the ways to do something wrong and then stumble on something that works.  Also known as fuck around and find out.  It’s taken me a while to realize that my breathing has a strong impact on my dog...

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Tweens & Teens

Well, Wizard’s puppyhood sure went by in a blur!  How is he over 6 months old now?  He’s now in that awkward ‘tween’ state where he’s not a baby puppy and he’s not a grown up boy.  He keeps cycling back and forth between them so fast it makes my head spin sometimes. ...

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